The Royal College of Art in London is quite a special place to study architecture, for reasons of size
as well as their unique art and design surroundings.
They celebrate architecture as a distinct discipline.
Influences are abundant from other factors such as product design, graphics and fashion,
and in fact that any theme that may arise from any corner of the college.

Looking at the city similarly, four Architectural Design Studios (ADSs) pursue urban themes with a cultural edge,
creating a context for the thesis design projects in the other fields with in this college.
All of them are based in London, and reflect the life that Londoners lead or might want to lead.
The RCA believe in the link between the present and the future,
and the role architecture should play in bridging between them.

(Below are FACADE’s selections from the RCA Graduation Show 2011 shot by JEJ)

Underdog Urbanism 2011 by Bethan Kay

The Augmented Urban Theatre-scape 2011 by Benjamin Koslowski

Con Dem Nation: The New Town Hall 2011 by Tom Lasbrey

Banking on Morals: The New Embankment by Sarah Wai

Hackney Factory 2011 by Laura Georgina Smith

Eyes Wide Shut 2011 By Paniz Peivandi

A Happy Thamesmeadium 2011 by Craig Allen

Repository of the Eternal Now 2011 by Robert Ware
(mixed media) NLA Prize for Architecture