Not so long ago, some time last year, I was sitting next to my friend at Fox, all excited to preview this revolutionary film she’s been telling me about  – Avatar.  I obediently donned on those 3D plastic glasses.  But remembered how ugly and uncomfortable they were.  All through the movie I had to keep putting them on and off.  Then came other 3D films and again those unsightly glasses that were so unbecoming!   Why can’t they take technology a bit further with no glasses?!

Somehow someone heard my thoughts!  Surprisingly it was Ralph Lauren!  November 10, 2010, Ralph Lauren celebrated its 10th year of e-business and the launch of its ‘digital flagship’ in the UK with digital innovation never seen before.  A 4D video shown simultaneously on the facade of the  New York flagship store on Madison Avenue and the London flagship store on Bond Street.  Eight minutes of astonishing cross-disciplinary work bringing together architecture, fashion, technology and cinematography.  Virtual giant-sized models, perfume bottles, polo match appear and disappear, buildings mutate and transform block-by-block with architectural light-mapping technology before your very eyes.  Scents wafting in the air.  Fascinating optical illusions you wouldn’t expect to come from a quintessential American fashion brand.  It was not at all about stopping traffic with provocation.     I don’t bother to understand technology but when Ralph Lauren says “This company has always been about bringing dreams to life….”, I see the vision, I see the man, and the 200m$ e-business.

I expect this will change the way we see movies and theater, the way we shop, and our perceptions of luxury, fashion and technology.   I guess I will be seeing lots of tech geeks next to the fashionistas in the parties to come.   And wonder if drive-in movies will come back again after this.   In the meantime, without further ado, see below for your viewing pleasure and compare both New York and London shows!   Excellent material for viral marketing buzz.  Give them what they deserve!