After intensive coverages of London Fashion Week last February and Paris Fashion Week last March,
FACADE refocuses back on it’s other sections such as A-art, A-architecture, aside from F-fashion, C-culture, D-design, E-events…

Show 2 of 5, ‘Down To Earth’ features works by another set of 5 artists- Niya Najafov, Jane McAdam Freud, Aziz+Cucher, Saad Qureshi, and Mark Prethero.

(photos & videos by JEJ for FACADE)

Building a platform of emotional upheaval from ‘Fired Up’, ‘Down To Earth’, explores the subtleties of nature in its entirety, through which the viewer can intuitively discover a deeper layer of persona. -Mila Askarova


four-channel video installation of undulating organic forms, incites a state of ersatz psychedelic euphoria that reacalls pagan rights invoking the ‘transcendent other’.

Daughter of painter Lucian Freud

Jane AcAdam Freud’s

clay and girl sculptures literally engage the Earth element as her chosen material. Freud states that her work’s medium is about borrowing from the earth and giving it back…

Niyaz Najafov’s

canvases revel in the sensuousness of his palette and the harshness of his imagery. Originally a soldier in Azerbaijan, his lack of formal arts training allows his practice to connect with the most vital source of his creative nature.

Saad Qureshi’s

monumental sculpture addresses the sanctity of human life by confronting our species’ self-destructive trajectory, the misdeeds of man’s and society’s increasing alienation from our shared spirituality.

Mark Prethero’s

photographic images capture the gothic beauty of the Czech landscape. His works convey a sense of sublime decay, of a ruminating spirit that inhabits our shared environment…