after a decade of being shut, this remarkable building re-opens for the arts


One of London’s landmarks-The Commonwealth Institute building at the royal borough of Kensington & Chelsea
re-opened it’s doors for live performance art, music, and dance in the building’s central platforms,
in it’s inner sanctums, down to the it’s bowels which directed us to an underground theatre.

The ‘InTRANSIT’ festival this year was launched with 3 days of specially-commissioned events
at the former Commonwealth Institute on Kensington high Street from July 15-17.
The festival which is a unique contemporary art festival, runs from the 22nd till the 31st of July.
It offers both residents and visitors to the borough a chance to rediscover and be surprised in this neighbourhood.
Some of the UK’s most exciting new artists has been taking over the borough’s streets, parks, and hidden spaces
with their performances (rain or shine!).

This exploration and celebration of the former Commonwealth Institute presents
new works of performance art devised in direct response to the building itself.
In the process a natural narrative thread emerged which formed a journey.

The 4rth ‘InTRANSIT’ festival was launched with works by the following:
-Susana Oliver (’10yrs of Junk Mail’-kinetic installation)
-The NeoFuturist Collective (Concerto for Brutalist Buildings-visual & aural art)
-The London Contemporary Orchestra (Diplomatic Welcome-string quartet)
-Mari Fronger & Exquisite Corpse (People in Transit-dance and music)
-J Kay Aplin (Queen’s Head of Commonwealth Plates-ceramics)
-Kira Zhigalina (Breathing Light-video art)
-Hannah Jerrom (Something Green-installation)
-Dane Jeremy Hurst & The Haxan Cloak w/ installation by Tea Mulabdic (dance)
-The London Contemporary Orchestra & Dane Hurst w/ projection design by Kira Zhigalina
(Orpheus & The Underworld-dance, music, & art projection)

(Below are a series of performances shot by JEJ for FACADE)


  1. Olla on Oct 11, 2011

    Worked in this great building for 25 years