AUSENTE (Absent)
Film From Argentina
Directed by: Marco Berger

When the most likely suspect to the would be predator becomes the prey and the hunted…

A beautifully shot low budget film of intense psychological drama of a lost forbidden desire.
Stylish photography from the start of the film conveying erotic/sexuality without blatant nudity, to basic mood and light treatment for effects towards the end…

A young student Martin creates an excuse to end up in his P.E. instructor’s home.
Sebastian (Martin’s P.E. teacher) ends up in a situation initiated by his young pupil unaware of his intentions.

In this case its the unlikely under age who tricks the adult into a very awkward situation, but then again towards the end was it really the adult’s intention to understand the young one or perhaps in ones confusion he actually gets succumbed to his own hidden desire?

Marco Berger’s 2nd feature film “Ausente” (Absent) was awarded in the Rio Negro and Valdivia Festival and also won best feature in the Berlin Film Festival