(Experimenta – USA)
Directed by: Phil Solomon

Probably one of the best experimental films I’ve seen so far.
Phil Solomon has captured the whole concept of anguish and tragedy of a patriotic American via avant-garde film making.
Welling up images and letting them melt back to its original form supported with quite an apropo musical score.
A collective memory of chemically distorted visuals and mixes of elements such as narrative films, newsreels,
and other actualities on a huge variety of images from the likes of Keaton, Houdini, King Kong, Harold Lloyd
which all co-mingle with presidents, gold diggers, railroad barons, civil rights movement and so on.
All the above drawn parallel to a monumental retelling of American history and its decay.

Quite moving and emotional as it conveyed a variety of tragedies in America by an American.

It could even perhaps be better presented as a strong art installation, screened all around the four walls of a room with an all around sound.
This 60 minutes film took 10 years or so to finish and perhaps still a work in progress as it can be a continues recording impression of the fall of an empire.

Together with grants from certain institutions, the film was produced with a reasonable cost of less than $50K.
The art of alchemy lives on indeed.