Directed by Daniel Edelstyn

A bit a of struggling film-maker- Daniel Edelstyn discovers the story if his father’s mother who was a writer, dancer, and painter from Ukraine born wealthy and privileged as her father (Edelstyn’s great grand father) owned a vodka factory that fuelled the economy/livelihood of a whole village.

Inspired and driven for some reason, Edelstyn embarks on researching his roots and reviving his old family’s business…
In the span of 4-5years filming this quirky narrative/documentary/true to life feature with his girlfriend being the cameraman as well as acting out the character of his grandmother- he becomes a father as well as a distributor of vodka on top of finishing a proper film.
Despite hardships and struggles, Daniel’s persistence paved the way to more or less a gratifying achievement.

Well done to this inspiringly courageous feat on enterpreneuralism.