Directed by: Alexandra McGuinness

One of the most stylish features this year at the LFF’11 shot in black & white.
Perhaps bits of inspiration were taken from the works by the likes of Federico Fellini, and Luis Buñuel from the 60′s,
or even the more recent Tom Ford flick?
Reminiscent of a 1920′s film on the beautiful and the damned?
What differentiates this film by McGuinness?

Nevertheless Alexandra McGuinness has given us her debut feature with a bit of difference from the above, as it takes on an angle of how banal life can be for the young, beautiful and privileged (London Sloane types) in our current times.

The lead character Alice a former model and wannabe actress slightly attempts to detach herself from such a scene fails as she somehow got carried on getting succumbed to it due to the scheming manipulative character Orna (emulating Glenn Close @ Dangerous Liaisons)
Antonia Campbell (Alice) acted kinda like the new Chloë Sevigny as she gave a fine performance giving the plot a bit of soul.

As much as it can possibly be looked upon as a brilliant advertising campaign for both high street and luxury brands (a bit like Lagerfeld’s film/Ad campaign for Channel or Ford’s film ‘A Single Man’ w/c was like an ad campaign for his brand…), we at FACADE liked it.