Directed by: Alexander Zeldovich & Vladimir Sorokin

Moscow in 2020, a few of the rich and famous discovers the fountain of youth,
an enormous well somewhere in the middle of nowhere land where the air is crisp and clean
in which the intergalactic cosmic rays hits earth.

They all get exhilarated with joy, and passion as if they are all intoxicated in a pure potent dose of elixir.
A great sensation of bliss, happiness, youthfulness, strength and the feeling of being invincible
which leads to uncontrollable rage all leading to tragedy.

All of them may eventually look 3-5 decades younger than their actual age and remain that way for eternity perhaps,
but there is a catch, a tricky one…

This film is an audacious exercise in futurology, a satirical angle on the oligarchy of today’s Russia,
and a philosophical contemplation on the human condition with regards to vanity, and hunger for more than enough.

Elegant, smart, sexy, a ‘must see’ new Russian original, before Hollywood does its version as usual…