Directed by: Madonna

What does every girl yearn for?
Diamonds? True Love?

A parallel course on 2 ladies named Wallis (Wally) from the past and the present.
by which both go through a similar journey with their difficulties on their relationships, bearing a child, of finding love and happiness.
One eventually succeeds but the other as we are made to realise in this film- just ended up in tragic misery.

Madonna manages to illustrate the lavish glamorous lifestyle of Mrs Simpson and Edward.
In a turbulent and troublesome time when England was in the brink of war with Germany,
where in a man renounces the throne for his love to the most unlikely candidate to be by his side till death.
A true tragedy in which the most hated woman at that time was actually more like a victim in that situation.
Old private letters by Mrs. Simpson were accessed, and tells us of her anguish, misery, and despair.
Was she actually trapped in the notion of love, or was it possession by a boy who desired motherly love?

Yet again Madonna may have reinvented herself once more, this time as a film maker.