Directed by: Aleksandr Sokurov

Winner of the Golden Lion for best film at the Venice Film festival 2011.
This Russian production of ‘Faust’ has also been short listed in the finals at the London Film Festival ’11.

Faust is the long awaited conclusion of Sokurov’s ‘tetralogy’ on the spiritual shortcomings of men in power, which has previously revealed the home lives of the likes of Hirohito, Hitler, and Lenin.
A provocative account of the archetypal character who aims more than enough and beyond.

The film more or less takes us to a grey to dark Gothic world, where a few ideas of beauty is simulated together with ideas of filth.
A dream like state of experience from the concept of purgatory to eternal damnation.

Director Aleksandr Sokurov has had an illustrious career in Russian cinema since the late 1970′s who started making TV documentaries, then won a scholarship to the prestigious Moscow Film School.
His work can be categorised as a master piece by a master film maker.