Film from Iran
Directed by: Maryam Keshavarz

A young love story forbidden in Persia due to morality issues,
and condemned by fanatics which ends up in tragedy due to circumstance…

The film takes us to a trip of 2 young girls living their lives as regular teenagers in Tehran, going through their streak of rebellion in a land full of restrictions.
With a bit of fun frills and thrills as well as hilarious comedic scenes this film keeps us captivated.

Film maker Maryam Keshavarz explores the warmth and inner life of a liberal Iranian family-exploring the love in different relationships.
She also manages to give emphasis on how such strong and intimate relationships can be vulnerable to authoritarian pressures
from the angle of a father, a mother, a brother, a sister, and an orphaned pretty girl (who could pass for Jasmin Gauri’s younger sister) subjected to such a circumstance.

This feature is indeed an unflinching look at how repression can corrupt and infest even the strongest and most intimate relationships.
The greatest challenge in the Utopian sanctuary of the family faces not from the repressive government regime,
but only when that repression infiltrates from within the ranks of the family.

A film to watch.