This Department of London’s Royal College of Art focuses on designing interactions
between people and technology on many different levels.
Their concerned with not only the expressive, functional and communicative possibilities of new technologies
but also with the social, cultural and ethical consequences of living
within an increasingly technologically mediated society.

The RCA explore new ways design can make technology more meaningful and relevant to our lives,
both now and in the future, by thinking not only about new applications but implications as well.
Design is used to inspire, raise awareness, stimulate discussion and provoke debate,
all of which can help achieve technological futures that reflect the complex, troubled people we are,
rather than the easily satisfied consumers and users we are supposed to be.

(Below are FACADE’s selection of works at the RCA Graduation Show 2011 shot by JEJ)

Solar Lottery Tumbler (from The Energy Pilots) 2011 by Elliot P. Montgomery
Mixed Media- Research device for the ‘Thrill Attraction Model.’

Back, Here Below, Formidable (the rebirth of prehistoric creatures) 2011 by Marguerite Humeau
‘Is the ancient dream of reviving past lives made possible by recent cloning technologies?’
A quest to resuscitate the sound of extict animals…

You Jane 2011 by Charlotte Jarvis
Film- 3 monitors (10min 30 sec) A collage of new and archive footage to propose a new Tarzan. A realization of The Forbidden Experiment… regarding the fundamentals of human character…

Super Self-Promotuional Dress by Thorunn Arnadottir
self promotion through digital media, a dress designed for a pop star…

Privacy Glasses by Thorunn Arnadottir
as social media threatens our privacy, the glasses are on the boundaries…

Cruiser Charisma 2011 by Jonas Loh
The dream of self-sufficiency and sustainability, to produce and to communicate…

Optocoupler (from the series ‘New Needs in an Augmented World’) 2011 by Ludwig Zeller
Apparatus and video

The Future is Not a Noun; It’s a Verb 2010-2011 by Charlotte Jarvis
Film- 2 monitors (15 minutes), graph and text
An experiment and performance in which a group of strangers are attired in costumes and placed in a box…