I still clearly remember buying my first ever penny loafers over 25 years ago and it was by Sebago.

With rich heritage of producing genuine handcrafted performance footwear since 1946, SEBAGO continues to celebrate its New England heritage.
With uncompromised quality, timeless styles, and modern influences, across both the men’s and women’s collections, the brand has now just opened shop on Regent Street-London (23-11-11).

Filling out the line with premium handsewn classic loafers as well as traditional and non-traditional boat shoes, SEBAGO offers a broad selection of modern style additions, new materials and a bold assortment of colours.

Sebago is a Michigan-based company that produces a large variety of upscale boating shoes and dress shoes. The company was founded in 1946.
During the 1980s the Sebago “Docksides” become a huge fashion trend that hit universities and high schools across the country.
It was also the official supplier of yachting footwear for the US Sailing Team in 1980′s.