Innovation Design Engineering at The Royal College of Arts

In the RCA graduation show 2011, it’s department of Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) celebrated success from PhD research and also from the joint double Master’s course run between the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London.
This year’s graduates are, as always, a rich mix of backgrounds and cultures; over 15 nationalities are represented and students’ previous experiences range from engineering through design and a broad sweep of other career paths.
These students started intensively since they got in: research, idea generation, more research, building stuff, testing, fantastic failures, rebuilding, project meetings… As well as dancing in the ArtBar… reflection, more project meetings… eight-hour presentations… losing their desks under prototyping materials… cash-flow problems, manufacturing nightmares, confusion, more reflection, realization… 18-hour days… pulling it all together for this SHOW… exams… and indeed success!

These characters are commonly linked by intelligence, curiosity, and a passionate belief in improvement through innovation.
They won’t take no for an answer nor be told anything is impossible. They are the agents of change in the future.

Below are FACADE’s choices of their explorations from the exhibition this year…

(photos by JEJ for FACADE)

EMERGENCE -The process of simple rules iterated over several elements to create a complex behaviour.

CROWD -a large number of persons participating in the design and manufacturing process of their urban enviroment.

GESTURE -A movement or position of the hand, arm, body, head, or face that is expressive of an idea, oipinion, emotion, etc…

EXTENTION -a design approach which increases product lifespan by creating a lasting relationship between consumers & evolving objects through multiple interactions.

BLINK -To shut and open one’s eyelids to create a transition between images, to adopt to new visions, to obtain a fragment of darkness, to achieve an instant clarity, to reset how you see.

TRANSPARENCY -Characteristic of being open in the clear disclosure of information as well as timely accessabilit to inform about product; implies accountablity.

JUSTIFY -Up to ninety percent of the environmental impact of a product can be set during the design stage. The end may justify the means as long as there is something to justify the end.

GENEALOGY -A graphic code readable by both humans and computers that identifies individuals using their unique family history.

EVOLUTION -The gradual process of change, often by natural selection, creating descendants that are different and usually more complex or improved in form.

DRY -The state of not being wet due to a better experience of an umbrella.

SCENT -An aroma organiser used as an emotional trigger to create memeorable events.

PRESERVATION -The act of keeping something in its original state or in good condition. An endeavour that seeks to conserve and protect resources and environment.

POO -To discharge faeces from the body. The inability to poo would cause serious distress to life.

TRAINERS -Natural running shoes. Barefoot feeling combined with the safety of an inbuilt running instructor.

INVISIBLE -That cannot be seen. Rendered unrecognisable by visual noise that disrupts human perception.

MOVE -To change position with respect to time. To influence or prompt something to do something. To make progress.

ALERT -Fully aware and attentive,. An addition to a bicycle that creates awareness of dangerously approaching traffic.

WELFARE -The physical well-being of animals, monitored in realtime with information disseminated to the proper individuals.