The Design Products Department at London’s Royal College of Art recognises that design
is an activity that fundamentally shapes our world and influences the processes of change.
They aim for their students to find their own place, from where they can lead or contribute
to these processes.

Although there is a focus on product and furniture design,
the RCA does not see any limitations to their field, understanding very well
that most of tomorrows products and services does not yet exist today.

‘As we are living in a rapidly changing world,
we want to be forward thinking and engage into new possibilities.’
The RCA aims to engage with design as a cultural activity in the context of art, sociology,
the environment, humanity, technology, and diverse forms and scales of production.

This Department has a strong culture of experimentation, innovation and debate.
The college sees this as tools or systems to develop our thinking about design,
and even more, what design can be.

(below are FACADE’s selections at the RCA Graduation Shows 2011 shot by JEJ)

PHNX by Lauren Bowker
PHNX reveals a constructed and dynamically controlled textile that is constantly evolving…
Winner of Hamlyn Design Awards (Rewarding design for the inclusive world)

Diamond Shot 2011 by David Roux-Fouillet
Conran Award Winner and Theo Fennell Awards Winner (for overall excellence)

The Sea Chair Project by Alexaner Groves
Addresses the growing problems of accumulating plastic waste in our Oceans…

Processed Paper by Pia Wustenberg
A research into the value and properties of a familiar craft using it for new aesthetics and possibilities…

Blown Glass 2011 by Louis Thompson

Jewellery for Shirts (fabric, fusible thread) 2011 By Ji Sung Ha

2D>3D Print by Helen Stark
3 dimensional objects and structures become 2 dimensional
Supported by: Theiry Mugler, IFF, Blackberry

Heating, Shaping, and Fibre by Jungeun Lee
(mixed media) Wrapping synthetic fibre around a desired form and shape…

Hair Glasses by Alexander Groves
A collection of sustainable fashion eye-wear made out of hair…
In Collaboration with Azusa Murakami

Digital Screen Prints by Lauren Barfoot
Supported by: Pittards, John Kaldor, The Worshipful Company of Dyers

Mixed Media by Marie Parsons
juxtaposing hard and soft surfaces with traditional quilting and reverse applique
as well as digital embroidery and laser cutting…

Colour Immersion (mixed media) by Kitty Joseph
A range of prints for women’swear exploring the immersive nature of colour and it’s placement on the body….

Print & Colour by David Bradley
A tactile exploration of movement through print and colour…
Supported by: Society of Dyers and Colourists

Weave by Amy Jo Lewis
Explorations through both digital and traditional processes…

Automated Bespoke Cloth Design (mixed media) by Andrew Kenny
A user centred project to encourage people to love and keep clothing for longer…

Weave by Julia Skliarova
Engineered and sculptured dimension through magnified patterns and exagerations…

Mixed Media by Emma Lundgren
Drawing inspiration from 3 unique icons in Scandinavian heritage…
Supported by: Michael Treschow Sweden, Swarovski Crystals

Inflatable Musical Instrument Case by Tom Jarvis

Hyper Nature (print) by Emma Shipley
A print collection derived from intricate pencil drawings aiming to capture unpredictability of patterns in nature…
Awarded: The John Norris Wood Drawing 1st Prize
Supported by:Osborne & Little, Deep Print, The Worshipful Company of Dyers