The way in which people connect and gain access to corporate applications and data is changing rapidly, providing unprecedented levels of productivity and knowledge. In addition, manpower tends to move around the world more often.

IDC estimates that by 2013, one third of the workforce will be working on the move.

As result, hardware companies are designing more and more tables.

This years CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Unveiled more than 100 tablets and e-readers including the new flash-loving and able to multitask Blackberry Playbook.

In addition, Dell plans to expand the existing range of tablets with a device for business use with 10-inch display based on Windows 7, which will be launched later this year. The upcoming tablet is designed for end users require even more flexibility for travelling and productivity.

The Dell’s tablet will benefit users who move a lot, providing them with business applications and all the corporate data they need.

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