CNMI decision with regards to September dates
Board of Directors of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana met today and, with regard to the issue concerning the future dates of our fashion weeks? schedules,  it unanimously deliberated to:

  1. Confirm the previous schedule for September 2012 with New York fashion week starting on Thursday 6 of September, followed by London, Milan and Paristh
  2. Agree for the next two years ( September 2013 and September 2014) with the proposal of Diane Von Furstenberg, President of Council of Fashion Designers of America, to start New York Fashion Week on the second Thursday of September, that is to say on September 12th in 2013 and on September 11th in 2014.

This, at the following conditions:
2.a New York’s last day should be on September 18th in 2013 and on September 17th in 2014 in order to allow London an additional day for the presentation of the menswear collections
2.b. Paris will accept this structure and follow Milan as always, starting on Wednesday 2nd of October in 2013 and on Wednesday 1st in 2014

In case those conditions didn’t happen, the above mentioned solution could not be applied.

Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana is looking forward to receiving a feedback from New York, London and Paris.

Milano, 30th November 2011

  1. Enrique on Jun 1, 2012

    hottest fashion trneds at the moment:Gladiator shoeschecker tartan patterns (in small doses, so a shirt or headband not a whole dress!)patent bagsprinted tees with vest over the topmilitary style jacketsthe colour purple (very dark purple)grey instead of blackits only hot if it suits you, so dont fall into the trap of wearing trneds to be cool. Pick and choose the ones that look good on you only as far as new york goes, im not 100% sure but pretty sure its all about whatever is in fashion on the catwalk and designer labels at all times and all seasons.