Three famous designers




are daughters of Ayako Koshino who was a veteran fashion designer in her own right and era…
They are granddaughters of a kimono retailer in Kishiwada, Osaka Prefecture.

Hiroko Koschino

Hiroko Koschino graduated from the Department of Design of Bunka Fashion College, Tokyo, 1961. Her Career as a designer started from Komatsu Department Store, Tokyo, 1961-63; owner and designer, Hiroko Koshino haute-couture, textile, prêt-á-porter, children’s clothing, nightie accessories and objects, boutique, Tokyo, from 1964; chairperson, Hiroko Koshino International corporation, Tokyo, from 1982; president, Hiroko Koshino Design Office, Tokyo, from 1988; created branch lines Hiroko Koshino Resort, Hiroko Koshino, Hiroko Bis, Hiroko Homme, Hiroko Koshino Golf; closed Paris store and stopped showing in Paris, late 1990s; designed uniforms for Kintetsu Buffalos baseball team, 1997; held joint collection with sisters Junko and Michiko, 2000; perfume line launch, 2002. Exhibitions: Roma Alta Moda Collection, 1978; Three Sisters, Osaka, 1982; Shanghai, 1984; exhibition with Borek Sípek and Bambi Uden, Prague, 1994. Awards: Osaka City award for Cultural Merit, 1989; highest honors at Mainichi Fashion grand prix, 1997. Address: 1-24-1, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, 151 Tokyo, Japan.

Junko Koshino

Junko Koshino left Japan for Paris in the early 80s and formed her own company. She started showing garments that drew on the basic Kimono shape and soon began presenting her collections there. Junko is interested in contrasts, curves and straight lines, light and dark, round and square, men and women. She claims opposites come together to form a whole. She has designed costumes for many opera and theater productions including Madame Butterfly and Amon Miyamoto’s Broadway production of Pacific Overtures for which she received a Tony Award nomination.

Michiko Koschino

Michiko Koschino left Japan for London and established herself on the more hip side of fashion in London’s street and club culture, coming out with edgy labels such as Motor King, and opening up a cool shop with a DJ in Covent Garden’s Neal street in the early 90s. She had high-end stores in both Japan and London.
Koshino was the designer for the final runway show of Stardoll’s Elite, Kahlen’s Next Top Model.

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